Who I am & What I do

At work I'm an IT Professional specialising in Infrastructure, Network Management and Software Development. I love the ever changing landscape of Information Technology as it keeps pushing me to explore new technologies, techniques and strategies to best serve our business requirements.

Away from the office I have a few keen hobbies that mostly keep me out of mischief. This site is dedicated to these hobbies and maybe by me sharing some of the enjoyment I get out of them it'll encourage you to try one or two of them yourself. Some of them I'm quite skilled at while with others I'm a blatant n00b. Join me on the journey anyway and maybe in time you'll see me improve.

The hobbies I love

What I do for fun

Cycling (Road & MTB)

Scott CR1 Pro + Merida Big 9 1500

Easily my oldest hobby and something that will never grow old on me. It's part of my DNA and I'm sure that's normal if you've done it your whole life

Still Photography

Canon EOS 700D

Relative n00b but something that I'm going to be taking seriously over the coming months. Keep an eye on the Gallery to see regular updates.


Comms Alumni & Area Admin

Cape Town Wireless User Group if you want the long version. Anything that's free has to be great...

Action Videos

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

The perfect combination of all three of my other hobbies. This is my most recent undertaking but I hope to have some fun with it.


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